Project structure

The system will be developed using marketable hardware products and standard communication technologies, in a software environment which allows the definition of control networks architectures with components independent from Manufacturers.

A substantial demonstration and validation phase will be performed to evaluate, through short-term and long-term practical tests, the effectiveness of the UMBRELLA system. This process will maximize the deliverable of a Scalability and Replication Plan, detailing the use of the system in any neighbourhood in Europe, covering all technical, economic, legacy and legal aspects, with contributions to/from standardization and regulation measures.
The UMBRELLA project will be completed over 36 month’s duration.

  • Overall the first 12 months will define the characterisation of the value chain and assess the stakeholder engagement and requirements.

  • The second 12 months will focus on the development of the business models and the toolset and the integration of these two activities with the UMBRELLA dynamic online web portal.

  • The final 12 months will complete the demonstration phase, assessing and recording the overall benefits.