The UMBRELLA project will develop two main products, which will allow for engagement with the stakeholder(s) to generate the business models in the first instance and then help with the implementation of these business models.

UMBRELLA Online Dynamic Web Portal

The online dynamic web portal will allow users to explore and optimise different business models and the relating implications and recommendations for interventions to their specified building.
The stakeholders will select graphically pre-defined requirements such as: building location and type; new or retrofit design; objectives (energy efficiency, carbon and cost requirements), etc.
A business model will then be generated based on those developed during the course of the UMBRELLA project, which best match the requirements entered by the stakeholder.
The implementation of the business model will then be outlined step-by-step and directions to the services and technologies required for the implementation will be provided.
These technologies include, for example: energy retrofit, microgeneration installation, remote monitoring products and the service providers who can install and manage these products/solutions (e.g. Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) and Facility Managers (FM’s)).


The UMBRELLA toolset will provide the capabilities to examine a building at any stage of its life.
This can be done through the optimisation of the design and material choices, the optimisation of the building performance during its operation and the understanding of how to dispose, recycle or re-use building components at end of life.
The optimum scenario is to integrate these very early on in the (re)design phase, where acquiring the right solution minimises the chances of costly mistakes at a later stage when specific features have been committed.
The stakeholders with a specific budget and expectations for performance and aesthetics, can now understand the different trade-offs between material costs, labour costs, ROI, lifespan expectancy, energy performance, operating costs, end of life costs, etc.