To address the barriers identified and to achieve the final overall goal of the project, the following objectives have been defined:

  • UMBRELLA will generate business models which are based on a unifying framework across different performance measures e.g. life cycle, energy, carbon, cost, etc. This allows for an interactive approach for problem solving, avoiding risks.

  • UMBRELLA will generate a framework for a whole-life performance-based business model for the demonstration and marketing of energy saving measures and energy generation within buildings.

  • UMBRELLA will provide a new energy toolset which incorporates all inter-related building performance indicators and goes beyond existing linear, 'trial and error' approaches to encourage new business models.
    The energy toolset will integrate a common methodology for simulation and analysis at the EU level to support the business models.

  • UMBRELLA will provide better decision making tool as a result of closer modelling of the users natural decision making process in designing and monitoring an energy efficient building.

  • UMBRELLA will validate the business models in a number of flagship projects located in different climatic regions and reflecting different socio-economic structures.

  • UMBRELLA will ensure the adaptability of the business models, in terms of potential changes in aspects such as: climate, economics, technologies, market requirements, etc.