Based on methodologically-guided validation, usability evaluation and benchmarking protocols, the UMBRELLA products will be demonstrated in four flagship projects, in the UK, Italy, Spain and Poland.
By using these projects, efficient and pragmatic solutions can be generated both at individual building scale and also at district scale. Furthermore, by demonstrating successful implementation of the business model and energy toolset, the wider community will be encouraged to uptake the solution.

Test Site 1: Findhorn Eco Village, UK

The first test site is the Findhorn Ecovillage, situated in the Findhorn Bay of Moray. The facility will provide a ground breaking Standard Research and Test Facility for the Integration of Buildings, Technologies, Operational Requirements and Behaviours for UK housing design.
Each construction pair will test construction systems including fabric weight, insulation, appliance energy rating, resource use and occupancy according to existing and predicted building standards.

Test Site 2: Royal Tulip Jurata, Qualia Development, Poland

Test site 2 is the Royal Tulip Jurata, a 5 stars hotel by Qualia Development. The design stage is complete and the construction of the apartments is due to start in the next few months. The building is located directly by the sea.

Test Site 3: Demonte Existing School, Italy

Test site 3 is an existing school from year 1965 owned by the City Municipality of Demonte.
The building is in an advanced state of deterioration but only small maintenance have been performed over the past 10 years.
The Municipality has a contract for heating supply for which it paid 35 k€ per year on average. A preliminary audit estimate a primary energy demand around 350 kWh/m2. The Municipality clearly expressed the need to know how much they have to invest to get obtain various advantages.

Test Site 4: New Residential Building in Historical Valencia, Spain

The test site is a pilot residential building in Valencia (Spain), which is a new design and will provide a platform for researching the operational requirements and behaviours for Spanish housing design.
The site is located in a historical area subject to protection and where ongoing refurbishment projects are taking place.